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LASER-EXPORT Co. presents its novel laser analyzer of metals and alloys, ELANIK®. This is the first handheld LIBS analyzer capable of measuring carbon and other elements in steels (LOD ~0,01%) without inert gas purging and other consumables.



ELANIK LIBS analyzer.jpg
The device allows solving different tasks on express-analysis out of laboratory such as incoming inspection of components and materials, in-process welding and fabrication, precise sorting in warehouses, in-field analysis of building structures, pipelines, etc.
Carbon in steels and cast irons?
Magnesium in Al alloys?
Beryllium in bronze? 
No problem!
There are no more restrictions on light elements with ELANIK!
The handheld LIBS spectrometer ELANIK is included in the national registers of measuring instruments in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
The measurement of carbon in steels is confirmed by metrological tests and included in the approved description of measuring instrument.

Портативный лазерный спектрометр

LLC "LASER-EXPORT" is the only manufacturer of laser-spark  emission spectrometers "ELANIK".



08-11 November 2022 Moscow, Russia, Expocentre, Pavilion 8, Hall 1, booth No. 81D33

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